About us


The Medical Cart Company Kft was born in the year 2016 and being a proud Hungarian company, all products are designed in house and material sourced locally or within Europe. We have a total commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We use materials which are 100% recyclable and ensure that all products have the ability to be refurbished after many years of use and adapted to the changing needs of users with minimal effort.

How to choose your cart?

We have designed a range of bases to suit the requirements ofyour equipment and the accessories required to support good use and function. All products are available with and without height adjustment.

So how to choose?

  • Weight of the equipment to accessories to be supported
  • Working height required
  • Size of work surface
  • Location of accessories

We have a standard range of carts which will suit most needs or alternatively we can design the cart to your needs.

We understand, that a standard mounting solution may not your need, so we offer a fast and affordable customisation service as well as an exclusive for you and OEM design service.

We are here to be part of your team, not just your supplier!